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1) PARAGON Men's Flip-Flops

I've gone for it based on the ratings and reviews, but after receiving it, I'm not fully satisfied hence I'm returning them. It's light weight, low cost, not looking bad but felt no comfort when wearing. It's giving some sort of itching between the toe and finger. It's more of plastic feel not rubber feel, so it may be good for outside works like garden et. Amazing product from paragon. For this price, i didn't expect this kind of quality. Costing only 140rs, other flips cost double the price compared to this product. Good option, recommended.Overall this is an excellent value for money and Bathroom slippers really don't need to be fancy or pricey. This is just the right combination of cost and comfort. I am happy to recommend this. This pair of slippers was not only cheap, its also very comfortable to wear and looks like it is built sturdy. his slipper attracts dust very easily and the red border pipe got detached within six days and the rubber quality is also very bad.. the price of this slipper should be bought it becoz it was Amazon's Choice, but don't know how can Amazon recommend so bad quality products. Hard feeling sandal really value for money, getting ghastly dirty appearance also can't use for long walks,thump finger gap getting pain this the only negative thing,also care about the mrp ,good product. The material gets a bit hot though - but how much can one expect at this cost? (crocs get terribly hot too - and they are 10 times as expensive). Highly recommended - especially for indoor use. But when the item arrived, I wasted no minute to try it on. Unbelievable. Yes, you read it right. It turned to be an amazing choice for me. To start with, the fit is perfect, neither small, nor large. The correct fit as per the size I have chosen. A part of paragon's parasite range of footwear, paralite 1140 are stylish flip-flops for men with thong straps and a light heel. The flip-flops are long-lasting and comfortable. They come in two color options - black body with a red line along the heel or navy blue body with an orange line along the heel.

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That is why Muna has given a rating on our website 3.5
2) TRASE Super Soft Doctor Ortho Slippers for Women

Care Instructions : Allow your pair of footwear to air and de-odorize at regular basis; use shoe bags to prevent any stains or mildew; dust any dry dirt from the surface using a clean cloth. Eye catching doctor soft footwear pair of ortho slippers for women / girls

Lifestyle : Ortho slippers widely used by women / ladies of all ages, Specially Old aged, Women with foot and knee pain / Arthritis etc. Trase presents to you a fashionable fancy slippers collection of comfortable footwear for your feet. It’s very soft and comfortable and like the Color too deliver in time I will tell other go for it’s its very nice products. So it takes a few days of walking carefully till the foam adapts to your foot shape and holds it better. So, if buying for elderly people or frail people I would not suggest it. It was doctor recommended but we did not find it in any shops. So ordered from amazon. Very comfortable and her feet pain had gone down with regular use. This is very comfortable and soft to the feet that I just wear it everywhere I go. They are highly recommended for people with pain in the feet and cannot use other footware.

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That is why Muna has given a rating on our website 3.5

3) Ortho + Rest Women's Fashion Slippers

Proper footwear like Ortho+Rest are made from premium polymerized rubber to take care of your feet by ensuring better circulation, which is vital for not just the health of your feet, but of your entire body.

You Don’t Need to Break the Bank to Buy Our Slippers

Your pair of Ortho + Rest has been engineered from carefully selected and specially blended polymers keeping in mind the requirements of paining heel and foot. It provides the extra yet optimum thrust of cushioning required by an average Indian feet. Ortho + Rest may be effective in many cases. It's special material provides extra comfort, it is skid and slip resistant and provides symptomatic relief in condition of aching heel and feet. Being an open footwear it is helpful for tight fitting and hard soled shoes and preparation are prevented. As a general footwear its use is strongly recommended to prevent occurrence of condition leading to heel pain and foot pain. Atleat one hour daily use provides relaxation to the aching feet.

Put Your Most Fashionable Foot Forward

With a marvellous choice as far as colors and designs go, you will never need to compromise on style when you buy Ortho+Rest slippers and sandals. Further, they are easy to clean, thus ensuring that your feet never look shabby when you step out. Unless your profession or lifestyle requires you to be shod in killer heels, or shiny noodle strapped sandals; just browse the options to find the right choice for you. Their versatility ensure that whatever be your age; you will look chic in them.

Rectify Structural Damage to the Feet

The commonest structural damage of the feet that anyone might face would be fallen arches. Ortho+Rest slippers are specially designed to provide support to the feet, and realign the joints in them. Our lightweight, soft, and snug slippers provide just that with a soft support built into them for the arches of the feet


Get Relief From That Ungainly Walk
The orthotic insoles can offer extra support, which don’t just rectify, but afford greater comfort to the wearer. So, you can go for your morning or evening walks in them without any discomfort, or embarrassment. Your self-confidence will also increase as your gait improves. If you are buying this, buy one size larger than usual. I bought this for my mother who has had her Knees replaced a couple of years back. And they are very comfortable and well-cushioned for her. She is a size 7 but had to exchange and buy size 8, so buy one size large
So I bought another one too. These are very comfortable for senior citizens and for anyone with foot of knee issues. Only thing is I wish the brand name were not written so huge. Would have preferred a minimal style, but of course that is a personal preference
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That is why Muna has given a rating on our website 3.5

4) BAHAMAS Men's Flip-Flops

Product warranty against manufacturing defects: 30 daysCare Instructions: Allow your pair of shoes to air and de-odorize at regular basis; use shoe bags to prevent any stains or mildew; dust any dry dirt from the surface using a clean cloth; do not use polish or shiner. Sparx Presents footwear range that Will Keep Your Feet At Great Ease, While You walk, run or work out in the Gym. These Are Light In Weight, Flexible And Very Comfortable To Wear As Well. This Flip Flop is way too cheaper than other branded ones but the quality is just not as like the footpath chappals. Its way too durable and I even wore it on a marriage party. I am surprised yet lucky to have such a good pair of flip-flops at a throwaway price. Good deal! A must buy!

Note: I am a converse person so switched to Bahamas for rainy season and its not as comfortable as converse but at this price, its worth! Quality wise good. If you want to purchase take one size large then actual size. Also looks nice though it is a little on the tighter site and you may like to order a size bigger.

Overall a great value for money, and a must for senior citizens, who risk falling in the bathroom due to wet tiles et cetera. the flip flops are really very good comfortable. well gripped. the material is remarkable. it fits exactly. I am satisfied.

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That is why Muna has given a rating on our website 3.5

5) FLITE Women's Slippers

There are brands you wear and then there are brands you boast of. 'Flite' is the latter. It's Relaxo's most exclusive brand. It's unique "Fashionable and Lite" promise has made it the first choice of the Indian men and women, urban and rural. Available in comfortable and light casual wear and fashionable, stylish formal wear, its EVA and PU range is replete with design and colours. Flite makes it easy for the Indian youth to make a style statement. Go out in a pair of Flite and the world will notice you. I gift this slipper to my aunt n she said. nice product. quality is good. comfortable n soft to wear all day. n she loved this slipper very much. but got little bit cracky slipper.may be due to she is ok with it. Very nice product,and quilty was very good ,I m so happy so this product. This is an extraordinary product. If it is completely made in India, I am really proud of the product quality of India. I am quite finicky about my footwear as I have big bunions in forefeet. Rarely any footwear gives me enough comfort not to cause calf muscle aches. These slippers are just fantastic innovation. Very good also as monsoon slippers to walk on humid sidewalks full of water puddles. I would recommend this product to each and everyone who is looking for a superior quality casual footwear. Comfortable in wear. Color looks good. Fit as per size chart provided. Very reasonable price. A good buy for me.

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That is why Muna has given a rating on our website 3.5

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