Chanakya Neeti with Sutras of Chanakya Included chanakya neeti book review

Chanakya Neeti with Sutras of Chanakya Included Paperback – 1 January 2020

Chanakya Neeti
In this book, the author tells about Arthashastra, the ancient thesis about Indian Polity. The book focuses on Chanakya’s detailed theories. He wrote his discoveries as to the manner people used to live their lives in ancient India. The book explains the behaviours and patterns a person should follow with different people in life.This book was published in 2002 and is available in paperback form. It comprises of Neeti Sutras in Sanskrit, which are in concise form, but are very impressive. Their translation is done in English and a bit is explained in laymen’s terms too.It is available online on Amazon India. Chanakya managed the first Maurya Emperor Chandragupta's rise to power at a young age. Instead of acquiring the seat of kingdom for himself, he crowned Chandragupta Maurya as the emperor and served as his chief advisor. Chanakya Neeti is a treatise on the ideal way of life, and shows Chanakya's deep study of the Indian way of life. These practical and powerful strategies provide a path to live an orderly and planned life. Chanakya Neeti is a must read book for everyone who wants to come across the timeless wisdom of the King Maker to one of the mightiest empires ever. Chanakya is brutal and merciless while enunuciating the practical reality of the human world. He doesn't mince his words and at no point he indulges in sugar coating the truth. His wisdom is definitely timeless and eternal which still holds true to this day. Not everything said by Chanakya could be followed in today's times. Having said that it deserves 5 stars had it been devoid of spelling mistakes. It's an amazing books to understand many different aspects of life.

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Must read if you are thinking for a business start-up. This book will teach you the right way to take decisions in the problems & opportunities of life. By R Mukherjee. The words of this genius are equally helpful for people of ALL age groups & genders.  Some of the theories of Chanakya are anti-feministic which may anoy you IF you are a strong feminist.Some of his sayings are meant for his times only, & are not applicable for modern world. My personal experience: This book totally met my expectations, & is surely a life-changing book at Rs 102. So, if you have Rs 102, in your pocket, just blindly go for it without any would change the way you view 'life'. It's really nice and top class. At last we have around 550 Chanakya sutras. They are like wow. And you will feel great that this person is from India. That to 2400 years ago. Great book; written in Sanskrit and then translated to English. Overall it’s a good purchase but to my displeasure what I found was that around six pages in the middle of the book were not printed. I hope not to find this happening on my further purchases. A word of caution over here do remember that it was written over 2000 years ago, so his views on women do not hold good.Only drawback is that the book contains several spelling mistakes even in its 2019 edition.Dear spiritual seeker , self help book lover and soul searcher this book needs a space in your personal library!! Go for it!! Content In the book is just Average which can be found in many books of chanakya. I dont see something Special to High light in the Book . if you already some readings of chanakya i dont see how this book worth for your buy . Good print quality and the sanskir verses with English translation is really good. But the transla6can be better. Even with my rudimentary knowledge of Sanskrit, I can find quite a few mistakes in translation. Some slokas which should be deciphered based on context are handled verbatim, like Western people do. original quote in sanskrit and thentranslated to english. modern day people must read this. nice book. good collection of words of chanakya...must read it once in your lifetime.

chanakya neeti book review

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