Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India Paperback – 20 June 2020

Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India Paperback – 20 June 2020

Legend of Suheldev: The King
Those who do fight, battle with old codes of chivalry, and are unable to stop the savage Turkic army which repeatedly breaks all rules to win. Then the Turks raid and destroy one of the holiest temples in the land: the magnificent Lord Shiva temple at Somnath.At this most desperate of times, a warrior rises to defend the nation.King Suheldev.The ruler of a small kingdom, he sees what must be done for his motherland, and is willing to sacrifice his all for it.A fierce rebel. A charismatic leader. An inclusive patriot. Care has been given in crafting the minor characters. The story is woven to give a glimpse of historical heroes who have not been given their due by the marxist curriculum writers who have told us the history of invaders instead of that of the sons and daughters of India. I personally loved the role of Rajendra Chola and really hope that.

Overall, it was a chore to get through this book, I did not enjoy reading it even a little.
Another thing that bugs me is character descriptions. Like, we get it, Suheldev is really hot and has "rippling muscles". No need to mention it a hundred times. Another instance of this is when Suheldev witnesses a female character (she has a name but has zero personality so I've already forgotten her name) standing in the rain and he notices that breasts are bigger than he expected them to be and hence finds her really hot. I get it, breasts are attractive but come on! Did a 15 year old write that?
It is obvious that there are going to be more books following this one so I hope they learn from their many, many mistakes.

Product details

·         Paperback: 352 pages

·         Publisher: Westland (20 June 2020)

·         Language: English

·         ISBN-10: 9387894037

·         ISBN-13: 978-9387894037

·         Product Dimensions: 12.9 x 2.2 x 19.8 cm

What the public is saying after buying the

It shows us how religion treats the people of other religions and those of its own. Also it explains why Hinduism survived the test of time unlike the other idol-centralized religions.

The narrative was clever in the beginning but went the cliché Bollywood potboiler way very soon.

Now, the idea behind bringing this book is really good, the story is good, there are good twists and good fight sequences... and that is the thing it is "Good" not "Great".
As for me I rate the book on the basis of Joy i feel on reading a book, so this book definately entertained me, the war scenes were good to read and the feel of reading about a hero's story was great too... so although it was not a 5 star read, but i can not give it less than 4/5.
The other Characters of Toshani, Govardhan, Abdul, Ashwaghosh, Sanghmani are good too and they are all great warriors playing great part in the story,
My final Conclusion is That this book is a good read and you will like it, just that the mythological fiction books have been so high that it is just a bit below that but yes, enjoyable...
There is a slight Hint given at the end of the Book on the Next Book in the Indic Chronicles series, and that is expected to be a really exciting one too...
Stories like these Do need to come out, because there have been a lot of Indian Warrior Kings and Queens Who have been erased from the memories of common peoples of India, and they deserve their stories to be told and we should read and Cherish them and if possible adapt some of their Qualities...  It is almost like someone else has written this. With Amish'new concept of having a team writing for him, this does look like somebody else's work.
The writing fails and while there is enough drama and twists the story or the drama never rises beyond that paisa vasool state. Characters are built parallely and introduced to the main storyline at the right time. There are several suspenses that will keep your breath on hold and make u read further and further till suspense is revealed.
I found the battle scenes beautifully written by elaboration of every minute details so that you can see them infront of the eyes.
Book touches various issue that still prevail and divide the society like casteism,religion,cultural beliefs and gender inequality. As a reader what I enjoy the most is when I appreciate and admire characters for whom I held contempt at the beginning of the story, to a point that I might even root for that evil character as the story develops, and enjoy the tussle between the dark and the light. Towards the end of the story I felt robbed of it.
The character of Aslan deserved to be more than who was revealed in the later chapters. I was expecting strategy and depth, waiting for a good contest between Suheldev and Maqsud, but what I got was someone unremarkable; a coward who hid his identity, instead of an impostor — a master strategist, who was brave enough to enter the lion’s den. And a counter-strategy from the King who saved India.The final battle was descriptive, and I was mesmerised by the sheer detail of it, through the fight between Masud and Maqsud was exaggerated and it almost took the centre stage. It almost felt like characters of Abdul, Toshani, Govardhan took a back seat with Suheldev shining a little bright in comparison to them, but not as bright as Masud. It felt like the writer drew sadistic pleasure from watching one Turk kill another.I expected more strategy, detail and depth, but I was left wanting more. I enjoyed reading the book, though the book could easily have been extended to a 530 page novel had the writer not resorted to the ‘tale of judwaas’. The battle could have been more strategic and majestic. I did see a glimpse of it in the book, which raised my expectations, but I found myself disappointed on some occasions. Needless to say that my expectation with Amish is colossal.

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Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India review

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Amazon has reviews of it 4.1 out of 5

Flipkart has reviews of it 2.5 out of 5

That is why Muna has given a rating on our website 2.5

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