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Meri Jeevan Yatra (Hindi) Paperback – 1 January 2020

Meri Jeevan Yatra
From a child born in Rameswaram to becoming the eleventh President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's life is an inspiring story of extraordinary determination, strength, courage, passion and desire for excellence. He speaks with enthusiasm and love about the people who left a deep impression on his early life and the people he came in contact with later. He has also communicated most deeply about his father and his deep love for God, mother and those closest to him, including his gurus, his kindness, kindness, his thoughts and attitudes. He has told many wonderful things about childhood spent in a small village near the Bay of Bengal and the obstacles, struggles, conquering them, to become a scientist, then to become the President of the country. 'Meri Jeevan Yatra' is an honest story of memories from past, very personal experiences, which is as extraordinary, more inspiring, enjoyable and full of enthusiasm.

Product details

·         Reading level: 18.00+ years

·         Paperback: 144 pages

·         Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan; 1 edition (2020)

·         Language: Hindi

·         ISBN-10: 9350487977

·         ISBN-13: 978-9350487976

·         Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7 cm

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The book explores about the hardships which he went through and the phases he had to deal with. The book indeed is very much inspiring and you'll certainly feel deep reverence and love for Mr. Kalaam. Especially for students, it's kind of a must-have. Though I felt it hard to grasp at times but overall it's a gem for my personal library. Awesome book to inspire the youth. I would like to recommend this book for all students who are studying in 10class. Ilike the view of author to mix the spirituality and science in a very good way. Inspiring Words for remembering Childhood, Native Place, Pitru-Matrujan ki Kahaniya, A Pickle mind Child of Knowledgeous Mind of First Citizen of Bharat Our Former President as like as Vigyan Ki Gnyanta-Purush , Ek Sacha Desh-Bhakt. It's not a journey of Kalam, A book which concluded everything about humans life. its cover every aspect of life. Situations which we faces in our daily routine. I am really very inspired from this. I recommend everyone should read this book. Must read will change the way you see life. You will stop complaining about life and complications. Life is much bigger than what we think there is no excuse for not doing anything which takes you towards your goals. This book needs no review and most of all we are not in the capacity to review a legend.Paper and printing are great. Bhut hi achcha inspiring book Hai. Agar aap student Hai to jarur padhe.

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