Puna Store® 24 Piece Makeup Brush Set with puna store 10 piece kabuki makeup brush set review

Puna Store® 24 Piece Makeup Brush Set with Storage Pouch – Pink

High hair density suitable for powder and minerals makeup · Soft hair and comfortable for use, perfectly for both studio and personal use. All brushes come with plastic wraps.24 Brushes with Premium Quality. Brush Use Printed On Handle of Each Brush. The handle quality could've been better, but then again, what more can you ask for at this price.

Soft hair and comfortable for use, perfect for both studio and personal use. Comes with PU Leather Pouch. There are all types of brushes you can think of. I didn’t even need to use all of them. I regularly use eye shadow, blush, contour and liner brushes. The little brushes for lashes and brows are also useful especially when you want perfection with your eye makeup. Overall I’m very happy with the product. . The thing I love about it is each brush has a given name on what purpose they are used for, and some of the big sized brushes even has brush guard to it which is great.  one is an angled brush and other is a round blending brush... so yeah kudos for that puna store... the brushes are nice and soft.. gives a flawless application.. i would like to have more soft eyeshadow brushes but 2 is better than nothing.. i didnt find any fallouts as of now but i haven't washed the brushes yet... So lets see.. all in all its good for beginners and for pros who dont want to burn a hole in their pockets.. worth the price in my opinion


Brush Type

·         Face Pack Brushes

Pack of

·         24


·         Beige

Model Name

·         24 Piece Makeup Brush Set with Storage Pouch - Beige

Model ID

·         PS-24

What the public is saying after buying this thing…Actually i had ordered for puna store make up brushes.. But i recieved of dream maker... But still i m happy with it because the quality is superb n all brushes r in good condition.. Not even a single pc is damaged... my best perchase from puna store, they r soft ,they feel really nice quality ,if you love makeup go for them . worth every penny. affordable,soft,varity,good quality. and its been a year m using them i wash them regularly no complaints till now . These set of brushes are best for beginners. Simple and neat. It gives decent finish on your make-up. The bristles are soft and and does the purpose perfectly. There's no fall off of while cleaning. Rhe size of the brushes are also of correct length so that its easy to hold and work on. Only the foundation brush is a flat foundation brush which I'm not happy with because it creates lines when foundation is applied. You may have to buy a separate denser foundation brush. Look is absolutely stunning!! I love this product so much.. I was expecting the quality to be much less but when I received it... OMG IT WAS AMAZING.. I LOVE IT COMPLETELY.. the brishes were each covered separately with a transparent cover.. purpose of the brush is mentioned on each brush!! Haven't used it yet but I'm waiting to try.. I'm sure it's good. I was half-hearted as too this was my first purchase for brushes but must say the bristles are so soft, and doesn't hurt your skin at all. Plus has so many brushes to play around and learn the make up technique.  the packaging is excellent and the brushes are OMG!!!!!! The brushes are really amazing and the bristles are really really soft. Trust me it won't poke in your skin and the best part. These brushes are still going strong after fairly regular use. Till July 2019 I used them 5-6 days a week as I went to office daily. Now I work from home a lot but still use the brushes at least twice a week. I'm amazed that they have lasted this long.  It picks up product very nicely and gives a good payoff. They are very good for beginners who have just started doing makeup and want some basic eye and face brushes. Also the packaging is very nice. Look great and it is easy to carry. But I deducted 1 star because this brush set has only 1 blending brush. If there had been at least 1 or 2 more blending brushes in different sizes then i would have given 5 star. Overall its a great product. I love the brushes and use them in every makeup look i do. I would highly recommend them.

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Flipkart has reviews of it 4.3 out of 5

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