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1) Collectible India Hindu Goddess Maa Laxmi Idol Bronze Statue - Standing Devi Lakshmi Cold Cast Sculpture Temple Puja Home Decor Murti 

 Delightfully made light weight Idol. The planning is very exact and they have required the push to check all the little subtleties. I love this. So much excellent and the hair is simply excessively genuine. So is everything. It truly resembles a top notch item. Worth the cash! Item is light weight and profoundly point by point. Surface and shading is extremely decent. Gotten it at Amazon deal at a lower cost and in that value the item is particularly suggested. This goddess laxmi sculpture is made with premium nature of cold cast bronze, This Vintage structured carefully assembled design is made by our splendid craftsmen. Feel the positive profound vitality while setting this hindu divinity achievement and riches goddess figure in your home or office.Click here to see more samples:-SAMPLES

2) Hindu Puja Collectible India Cold Cast Bronze Hindu God of Strength Hanuman Idol (Large)

Around 10.75 Inches High Made out of Cold Cast Bronze (Combination of Bronze Powder and Resin) Very Detailed. Master Hanuman Statue - Bajaranbali Hindu icon sculpture.

Roughly 10.75 Inches High . Excellent blessing with mind boggling details.The sculpture isn't Bronze however a composite of bronze and sap. This procedure makes this piece more extravagant looking and upgrades your room!

Hanuman icon is a Hindu god joy in your home and office. The items comes in delightful box.

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3) Hindu Puja SHIVIKA Brass Lord Shiva Handmade Stone Stud Statue for Home Indian Art Multicolor Mahadev Figurine Idol for Home Office

Shiva is known as "The Destroyer" inside the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that incorporates Brahma and Vishnu. In Shaivism custom, Shiva is one of the preeminent creatures who makes, secures and changes the universe. This sculpture is made of metal and carefully assembled. it is stud with multicolor stones,lord shiva in ruminating present in yog mudra

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4) Hindu Puja Purpledip Small Hindu Religious Lord Krishna Statue Sculpted in Solid Brass Metal for Home Temple, Office Table or Shop Puja Shelf | Hindu Religious Gift (10524)

Technical Details

Color  Golden

Item Weight   259 g

Product Dimensions           7.9 x 2.3 x 20.8 cm

Shipping Weight      259 Grams

Item Model Number 10524

Item Part Number     10524

Primary material       Brass

Capacity        Standard 

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 4)Hindu Puja Collectible India Antique Jewelry Box Bronze Decorative Mythical Owl Jewellery Box Gift

This is wonderful collectible india antique gems box bronze beautifying legendary owl gems box commemoration blessing wedding blessing. The owl is such a well known adornments image is on the grounds that it holds such huge numbers of layers of imagery. Alongside astuteness and information, owls are emblematic of riddle, insight, insurance, privileged insights and enchantment. Owl gems is entirely versatile and can be worn from numerous points of view with a wide range of styles. Owl gems is generally connected with the fall and winter seasons, however it is rapidly turning into a spring and summer design most loved also. Can be open and put adornments inside,perfect for blessing. Size : 5 inches tallness x 3. 5 inches wide x 3 inches profundity. Weight : 400 grams. Material : cold cast bronze.

It is only a brilliant bit of home stylistic theme, particularly in case you're into mystery compartment of sorts. In spite of the fact that it doesn't have the vibe of a gems box, it can hold just a couple of little things. Size astute can be contrasted with a bar of cleanser or marginally greater. The subtleties are noteworthy no ifs, ands or buts.

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 5) Hindu Puja Collectible India Lakshmi Ganesha Idol Bronze Laxmi Ganesh Murti Home Office Décor

Wonderful Brass Hindu God Goddess Set of Ganesha/Ganesh standing and Lakshmi in sitting position. Ruler Ganesha is the Hindu remover of deterrents, and his situated picture is said to bring good karma - particularly to the home condition! This sculpture of Lord Ganesha makes an extraordinary housewarming,wedding or property blessing. For love at your home sanctuary, to improve your visitor room's magnificence, increment estimation of you old fashioned assortment, show piece, just as a present for your friends and family. Goddess Lakshmi implies Good Luck to Hindus. The word 'Lakshmi' is gotten from the Sanskrit word "Laksya", signifying 'point' or 'objective', and she is the goddess of riches and flourishing, both material and profound. Her four hands speak to the four closures of human life: dharma or exemplary nature, "kama" or wants, "artha" or riches, and "moksha" or freedom from the pattern of birth and passing. Size : Ganesha - Approx 8 Inches X 4.5 Inches ( Height X Width) . Lakshmi - Approx 8 Inches Height X 5 Inches Width .Material : Cold Cast Bronze ( blend of real bronze powder and quality sap).

High quality Bronze Finish Lakshmi Ganesha Idol Diwali Decoration Puja Item.

Size : Ganesha - Approx 8 Inches X 4.5 Inches ( Height X Width) . Lakshmi - Approx 8 Inches Height X 5 Inches Width .Material : Cold Cast Bronze ( blend of real bronze powder and quality pitch).

Lakshmi Ganesh Set Religious Hindu Idols-Handmade sculptures .

Otherworldly Lucky Gift, Fengshui Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Diwali presents corporate, Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift,Christmas gift,diwali present .

- Pls be careful from Copy item and guarantee purchasing credible item. This is select inhouse structure and result of Brand "Collectible India" and "secured by licensed innovation rights laws". 'Collectible India' doesn't approve some other Brand/Seller to sell it and we won't be mindful if any fake or unsatisfactory item send by some other vender.

Click here to see more samples:-SAMPLES


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